B2B editors: You’re not immune to cries of fake or misleading news; Here’s how to be proactive


Trustworthy journalism is more important than ever now. Misleading information abounds, especially in today’s fast-expanding digital publishing environment.

Merely calling for journalists to practice solid journalism is not enough. Editors must also do more to teach our colleagues new and better techniques for winning and keeping trust among our audiences. Further, we have an ethical obligation to explain both to our readers and our advertisers what we are doing to improve trustworthiness and how to recognize those improvements in our work.

Business-to-business publications—along with all other news media—must stay ahead of the game or risk losing their audience, their advertising, and their own good reputation.

The articles in this ASBPE’s Ethics Update below bring this theme to the fore with practical solutions.

If you don’t have an ethics code, develop one quickly or adopt our code: “B2B Journalist Ethics: An ASBPE Guide to Best Practices.

These are serious times. They call for a serious response on our part.

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