Bringing more to the page: How our publication creates multi-use video interviews

At my magazine, we are trying to bring editorial pages to life. DF_Rules&Regs_CarperBlog

Dairy Foods has developed video interviews with the authors of magazine columns. “Rules & Regs” is written by subject matter experts at the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), our industry’s leading trade group.

IDFA has collaborated with us to create video content. Here’s how it works: The association’s expert sits in a video studio in Washington, D.C., while I conduct the video interview by telephone from my office in Deerfield, Ill. When the session is completed, IDFA sends me the video files. Then I head to our studio in Deerfield to record my questions. Our parent company, BNP Media, has an audio/visual team that splices the questions with the answers, and adds titles, music and special effects.

We get a lot of mileage out of the video content. We add it to the Brightcove video player on our website, and we post it to our YouTube channel. We embed the video into the column when it’s published on the website and we add it in our digital edition.  Finally, we extract the audio portion to create a podcast.

It goes without saying that we push this out through all our social media channels, too.

Our parent company is asking us to develop more video content. With the aid of a trade association, we are able to do that.

See examples at or on YouTube,

Jim Carper is the editor-in-chief of Dairy Foods.

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