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WTWH Media is seeking an experienced editor with an engineering background for the position of Managing Editor for Medical Design and Outsourcing, assisting the Executive Editor in producing print and online editions.

The Executive Editor develops and oversees tone, content, and focus of editorial. The Executive Editor has many functions, with quite a few involving travel and communicating with the outside world as to the publication’s position, purpose and focus.

Responsibilities include:

Contributing content online and in print to include articles, podcasts, and Webinars
Managing day-to-day operations of the magazine
Coordinating and assigning content for team to pursue
Training editorial staff on processes and procedures, as needed
Monitoring online traffic and social media; driving and sustaining traffic growth
The Managing Editor (ME) supports the Executive Editor (EE) in this by executing the directives and ensuring that all feature and department content conforms to the EE’s vision.

The Managing Editor is basically a problem solver. Either the EE or ME assigns material to the staff. But the ME ensures that staff completes those assignments or finds a way to get assignments completed. Part of ME responsibility is to monitor staff activity to ensure timely production of each issue. The ME does the same for the online and social components of the magazine. A good ME always has a “Plan B” in case something falls through.

The ME can also be thought of as the publication’s traffic cop. He or she should be aware of the status of all projects, what deadlines are approaching and what potential roadblocks are on the horizon. Organization is a critical skill for any successful ME.

The ME works closely with the Graphics department, sometimes functioning as a middle-man between editorial staff and graphics staff. (We are all here to help each other, so sometimes the ME must juggle to ensure material is produced without overburdening one group over another).

The ME should be able to step into the EE role when needed, such as when the EE is out of town or ill; or when the ME is out of town, the ME should be able to function as the “EE-at-large.”

The ME should know how to develop material for every section/department of the magazine, and fill in as needed to ensure efficient magazine production. The ME should be able to teach editorial staff about their role or assignments as needed.

For consideration, please send your resume to Brian Johnson, Publisher, at or click here to apply.

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WTWH Media is a business-to-business media company focused on providing high value unique content on user’s terms while delivering measurable ROI for marketers. WTWH Media produces 40+ technical web sites and five print publications covering the design engineering, electronics engineering, fluid power, renewable energy and life science markets.

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