We are surrounded by our stories but don’t always tell them

ASBPE member Ronn Levine attended the Feb. 17 webinar hosted by Sarah Redohl on customizing new media content for different platforms and wrote about it for the Software & Information Industry Association blog. Read Ronn’s blog and click through for the full version. Watch an archived video of the webinar here.

We are surrounded by our stories but don’t always tell them

By Ronn Levine

“Most of us spend our entire lives surrounded by the stories we’re telling,” said Sarah Redohl in a webinar for the American Society of Business Publication Editors yesterday. “It’s not that hard to pull out your cameras and start shooting those moments. The more you do that, the more proficient you will be at it. Start taking your phone out right now and start shooting videos.”

My phone came out when Redohl, the chief creative strategist of StoryLab LLC, in Columbia, Mo., said that. And while I can’t promote the effectiveness of videos enough—88% of visitors stay longer on a site with prominent video displayed—today I’m more interested in storytelling.

Because as Redohl said, we’re surrounded by our stories—but we’re not always telling them. Last night I helped a friend improve her resume. She’s an excellent videographer, photographer, writer, editor, people-person, but when it came to her resume, it was flat and dry. She wasn’t telling her own story. When I tried to cut things, she said, “but I did that.”

Read the full post on the Software & Information Industry Association website.

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