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World Bank Group is seeking an editor to join their company in the Washington, D.C. area.

Background/General Description

Innovation and partnership bond the five institutions of the World Bank Group: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), which together form the World Bank; the International Finance Corporation (IFC); the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA); and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The Independent Evaluation Group’s (IEG) mission is to improve World Bank Group development results through excellence in evaluation. Within its mandate, and in line with the new Bank Group Strategy, IEG is focusing on deepening the evidence about the results of Bank Group programs and activities and their effectiveness for accelerating growth, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Its aim is to contribute to the achievement of the World Bank Group?s interim target of 9 percent poverty reduction and progress on shared prosperity by 2020; and to generate evidence on the early implementation experience of the Bank Group Strategy that will enable mid-course corrections and promote a stronger internal culture for results, accountability, and learning. IEG also aims to promote an operational learning culture in the World Bank Group by identifying and disseminating the lessons learned from evaluation work.

Evaluation is useful only when it generates critical evidence to inform and improve decision making. The mandate of the Communications and Learning Services Department (IEGCS) is to strengthen IEG’s impact by increasing the accessibility and use of IEG’s evaluation knowledge, and by promoting effective evaluation partnerships and capacity development, both internally and externally. IEGCS staff work along three streams: (1) Communications, (2) Knowledge, Learning, and IT platforms; and (3) Evaluation Capacity Development.

IEGCS is seeking a dynamic publishing professional to contribute to its small publications team and play a key role in IEG’s growing focus on facilitating Bank Group-wide learning and increasing the impact of IEG publications. This professional will edit complex evaluation reports, helping authors to identify the most appropriate structure, style, format, packaging, and targeting for a project and advising authors on production requirements, standards, and costs.

The position requires fluency in English with comprehensive knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style. Knowledge of World Bank Group style and policies would be a plus.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities

  • Edit complex manuscripts on several levels: substantively copy edit and occasionally rewrite materials, including web copy, for grammatical accuracy, adherence to Bank style and policy, purposeful structure, clarity of ideas and logical, persuasive presentation of content according to subject matter, product plan, and target audience.
  • Coordinate multiple contributions by author teams/units to major initiatives, obtain clearances, and negotiate text and other changes, particularly on sensitive issues.
  • Advise authoring units on copyediting, design, typesetting, and manufacturing requirements and standards in addition to cost and service dimensions. Work closely with authors and Publications Team to provide upstream advice on publication development, production, and dissemination.
  • Serve as an institutional resource in IEG on publishing, promoting industry best practice.
  • Apply World Bank Group/IEG disclosure policies to reports and papers.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry developments and standards and apply that knowledge to IEGCS work. Interact regularly with publishing professionals in the Bank and representatives from publishing houses, counterparts in other institutions, and external vendors.
  • Perform other duties as assigned in support of the Publications Team.

Selection Criteria

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, Publishing, International Relations, Public Affairs, Marketing, or other related discipline, with a minimum of 4 years of relevant experience.
  • Excellent grasp of all facets of academic publishing. Exceptional understanding of copyediting, typesetting, cover and text design, proofreading, offset and digital pre-press, printing, binding, and other related aspects. Solid understanding of the Chicago Manual of Style is required.
  • Strong client orientation and interpersonal skills. Ability to anticipate and shape client requirements and develop solid client relationships. Ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment.
  • Good knowledge of the World Bank Group?s and IEG?s Access to Information policies and of the documents involved.
  • Familiarity with evaluation concepts and terminology is a plus.


Broad Business Thinking
Maintains an in-depth understanding of the long term implications of decisions both for department and the client?s business. Ensures that decisions are supported by relevant stakeholders as well as sound performance data. Effectively communicates recommended changes to clients and how they will affect their business using the client?s own terminology with limited jargon while attempting to minimize day-to-day disruption of operations.

Client Understanding and Advising
Looks at issues from the client?s perspective and takes action beyond normal expectations to ensure client satisfaction. Analyzes situations and determines alternative or creative scenarios and approaches to add value to the business in new and different ways. Works within the team and with other specialty areas to define client needs and develop the best approach to meet client needs. Helps clients understand complicated issues by describing the issue and solutions in a concise way that clients can easily understand. Sees how ideas and best practices from other specialties can be adapted or applied to address client issues.

Content Development and Editing
Drafts, rewrites, or edits routine communication and/or knowledge products with limited supervision and coordinates the development of drafts of more complex material for management review. Can be relied on to complete a wide range of tasks requiring competency to the WBG standard (structure, clarity of ideas, presentation of content). Demonstrates use of this competency and familiarity with subject matter area.

Project Management
Understands the basic concepts of project management, as they relate to the execution of tasks within a project. Uses technology tools to organize and keep track of information (e.g., “to-do” lists, appointment calendars, follow-up file systems). Sets priorities, properly plans, keeps track of activities completed and in progress, and keeps clear, detailed records of activities related to accomplishing stated objectives, arrangements, etc.

Publication Management
Advises authors on manuscript editing and development, copy writing, design, typesetting, and manufacturing requirements and standards of moderately complex knowledge products or ancillaries with no supervision. Demonstrates use of this competency; familiarity of subject matter area as well as technical tools.

Lead and Innovate
Applies critical thinking to current approaches, identifies areas for improvement, and tries new solutions that drive results. Considers own behavior in context of WBG’s values and mission and recognizes impact one has on others. Operates in ambiguity and changing needs and supports others to do the same.

Deliver Results for Clients
Sets challenging goals that align with the WBG mission and is always looking to improve. Understands clients’ most pressing challenges and contributes to solutions. Takes personal responsibility for producing high quality work, identifying and informing of risks, and delivering results for clients.

Collaborate Within Teams and Across Boundaries
Keeps others fully informed to ensure integration and work consistency and displays a sense of mutuality and respect. Approaches conflicts as common problems to be solved. Seeks and listens to input from others to inform own decision making and openly shares information. Frames thinking/actions with a WBG corporate perspective in mind.

Create, Apply, and Share Knowledge
Contributes to the department’s and WBG’s body of knowledge by applying lessons learned and expertise. Actively invests in own knowledge and seeks feedback. Builds personal and professional networks within and beyond the work group.

Make Smart Decisions
Seeks and analyzes facts, data and lessons of past experience to support sound , logical decisions regarding own and others’ work. Applies cost/benefit analysis to meet work program objectives. Contributes to decision making by providing relevant risk-analysis. Shows initiative when necessary, and makes decisions in a timely manner within own area of responsibility.

To apply, please go to: http://web.worldbank.org/external/default/main?pagePK=8454041&piPK=8454059&theSitePK=8453353&JobNo=152748&contentMDK=23158967&order=descending&sortBy=job-req-num&location=WAS&menuPK=8453611&JobType=Professional%20%26%20Technical&JobGrade=GE

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