Exploding editorial workload is creating plagiarism crisis; lack of training and modern technology share the blame: Plagiarism Today’s Jonathan Bailey

At one time or another, most B2B editors have encountered a plagiarism problem. But things are bound to get worse, predicts acknowledged plagiarism authority Jonathan Bailey. His recent blog describing “The Looming Plagiarism Crisis” is must reading.

The key cause — “the elephant in the room” — is exploding editorial workloads, warns Bailey. In fact, as many of us know, workload is a culprit in numerous ways, especially where quality slippage is concerned.

As for modern technology, the availability simplifies a plagiarist’s task. And generally speaking, ethics training that includes plagiarism input is not a regular practice.

If you’ve recently dealt with a plagiarism issue, how was the incident detected and subsequently resolved? Other ASBPE members can benefit from your experience. Meanwhile, here’s the link to Jonathan’s article appearing in his Plagiarism Today newsletter.

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