Products Editor – TechTarget

Products Editor – TechTarget

TechTarget in Newton, MA is seeking a Products Editor who will work with manager and editors of our various sites to assign and edit features and reviews to aid enterprise IT managers in their buying decisions. Products Editor will be responsible for a broad area of information technology products, such as enterprise applications or datacenter infrastructure.

Essential Job Functions

  • Give detailed, structured assignments to expert contributors and freelance journalists;
  • Responsible for assigning and editing 500-800 word articles that describe a single product’s features, pricing, strengths and weaknesses. In some cases, they may write these articles as well;
  • Working with Senior Products Editor and existing site teams, to identify products that need coverage.
    • For example, what are the security products that every company should have, which vendors are the market leaders that most companies will consider buying from, and what are the hot new products in that category?)
  • Edit content for readability, accuracy and first level SEO;
  • Package content with related articles; and,
  • Final signoff on production

Knowledge, skills and abilities required

  • Must have at least 1 year of reporting/writing/editing, preferably about information technology;
  • Must have good organizational and project management skills;
  • Good generalist knowledge of information technology as used in companies;
  • Good organization and communication skills with other editors and authors;
  • Highly productive editor; and,
  • Detail oriented to ensure accuracy

Interested candidates can apply here.

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