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Get data, insights and best practices from more than 370 publishers at this FREE webinar sponsored by Press+.

Press+ has helped more than 370 newspapers, magazines, newsletters and trade publications launch metered paid models of their digital products. All of them are generating new revenue from digital subscribers, and not a single publication has lost display ad revenue from launching with this method, Press+ says.
Why you as an editor or writer should care about this webinar: because you are the heart and soul of your publication – you are the ones providing valuable content to your readers. And that content can generate sustaining digital reader income.
Invite your publishers, marketing and circulation colleagues to listen and learn with you and set your business on a new course.
In this ASBPE webcast, sponsored by Press+, Press+ co-founders Steven Brill (founder of The American Lawyer) and Gordon Crovitz (former Wall Street Journal publisher) will share insights, data, and best practices from hundreds of launches on the Press+ platform, including:

  • How to use a “metered” digital strategy without losing audience or a penny of advertising revenue;
  • How to use “opt-in” and “opt-out” print/online bundles to increase overall circulation revenue by double-digit percentages with no downside;
  • How to leverage growing reader interest in smartphone and tablet apps with “All-Digital Access” bundles that enable their readers to purchase one digital subscription for all versions of their digital content; and
  • How dozens of publications are able to launch paid-content initiatives each week with NO technology investment or time.

You will hear specific examples and best practices from data collected from the over 370 launches on the Press + platform. So join in on Wednesday, October 24 at 1:00 p.m. EDT for a can’t-miss webinar.
Space is limited. Register now.

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