What’s Your Reader Engagement Strategy?

By Ginger Conlon

At 1to1 Media we’re all about helping our readers improve their customer engagement, so we had better practice what we preach. And we do. In fact, we have a formal (though not written), award-winning engagement strategy that includes gathering and using feedback, hosting roundtables, facilitating introductions, interacting on our site and on social media sites, and tracking and scoring reader engagement based on their interaction levels. Any media organization could benefit from adopting or updating its approach to reader engagement.

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As editorial director of 1to1 Media, Ginger Conlon is responsible for the direction and day-to-day editorial operations of the award-winning 1to1 Magazine, its website, e-newsletter, blog, and podcast series, as well as the executive journal Customer Strategist. Additionally, she serves as president of the New York chapter of the ASBPE. Contact her at ginger.conlon@1to1.com.

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