ASBPE National Blog: A Look at 2008

Photo: Tonie AuerBy Tonie Auer
DFW Chapter President/National Blog Chairwoman

Looking back on our first full year of our ASBPE national blog, I think we’ve seen some wonderful firsts. We’ve had some incredible guest bloggers with big names from Harry McCracken to Howard Rauch.

What we have found looking back on the first year is that the big names tend to draw the biggest numbers.

For instance, our top blog post of the year – garnering 6.64 percent of all our hits in 2008 – went to Getting into the Custom Game by Joe Pulizzi. He offered tips for writers looking to getting their collective feet in the door with custom publishers.

Our second most popular post – getting 5.24 percent of the year’s hits – went to Building Your Wings on the Way Down by Harry McCracken. In the post, he talks about how he walked away from a great job to start his own business and offered advice to others about doing it, too.

Another big name in the industry drove the third highest hit count – with 3.84 percent of the year’s blog hits – with For Sale by Thomas H. Temin focusing on the sale listing of Reed Business Information. And, the fourth most popular post – with 2.4 percent of the year’s hits – went to a post by our national president, Steven Roll called Paul Conley Links-In to Another B2B Ethical Debate, which questioned the ethics of magazines in regard to editorial and advertising overlap.

I wanted to give you just a taste of what 2008 offered with promises of more to come in 2009. We hope to continue offering you the latest in B2B publishing news and tips while keeping you in the know.

Happy 2009. Keep coming back every Monday and Thursday and let us help you keep your skills and information on the top of the heap.

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