Should B2Bs Blog?

by Erin Erickson, Chicago Chapter Vice President

Last week, the company I work for convened for a day-long editorial meeting. One of the hot topics of discussion was our blogging strategy.

I work for a small B2B company with an even smaller number of people who blog on behalf of their magazine’s website. Most of the bloggers post news; some of them post timely opinion pieces; a couple of them have written posts that have landed them in hot water with advertisers.

In these economic times, upsetting advertisers over a blog post isn’t necessarily something you want to do particularly if there’s an advertiser that can make or break your year.

So this room of editors started to ponder: Can you really “blog” if you work for a B2B?

I put blog in quotation marks because a blog, when used as intended, is an often-updated, interactive vehicle for promoting news and/or opinions.

If you can’t post often enough to call it news or can’t present an honest opinion without risking monetary consequences, can you really call that blogging?

And if you can’t call it blogging, then what should it be called?

The format that blogs provide certainly is a great way to show the world that your media company “gets” interactive media. But, if you’re not actually “blogging,” then what is it you’re doing? What should you call that portal on your site where you post news and not-quite-100%-honest opinion?

I’d love to know of a B2B site that actually blogs with 100% honesty about a topic, advertisers be damned.

I’m also curious to find out other people’s opinions about what this altered style of blog posting should be called: B2B Community Journalism perhaps?

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