Photo: Steven RollBy Steven Roll
ASBPE President

During this thanksgiving season, I’ve been taking stock and thinking about all of the ASBPE-related people and things I’m thankful for. So in no particular order, here’s my top 10:

1. The 2009 ASBPE Digital Conference and Amy Fischbach. ASBPE’s National Vice President Amy Fischbach has been instrumental in planning and working through the logistics of having a separate national award and educational conference devoted to digital publications each fall.

2. The ASBPE Foundation and Rob Freedman. Rob presided over the launch of the ASBPE Foundation this summer in Kansas City. He continues to press the case for the need for journalism schools to focus on the business and trade press.

3. ASBPE’s Logistical Wizards: Janet Svazas and Holly Lundgren. Like baseball umpires or football referees, if no one notices Janet or Holly at a conference it’s because they’re doing their job right. Thanks for doing all the hard work that is necessary our annual awards program and conference.

4. ASBPE Blog Mistress Tonie Auer. Tonie is the engine that drives the ASBPE’s national blog. Along with juggling work and family, Tonie tirelessly ensures that new posts are added at least twice a week. The ASBPE’s national blog continues to be an effective platform for discussing the latest issues and trends.

5. Regular ASBPE Bloggers: Erin Erickson, Howard Rauch, Martha Spizziri , and Katy Tomasulo. All of these busy professionals consistently produce insightful and informative posts for ASBPE’s national blog.

6. Editor’s Notes and Robin Sherman. ASBPE’s Associate Director and Newsletter Editor, Robin Sherman does a terrific job of producing the Society’s bimonthly newsletter. The last edition, which featured pointers from former Wall Street Journal reporter Roy Harris on covering economic slumps, was particularly strong.

7. The ASBPE Website Revamp and Lisa Lupo. For the past year, ASBPE has made detailed plans for improving its Web site. This effort, which is headed by Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter President Lisa Lupo, remains on track.

8. ASBPE Webinars and Warren Hersch. ASBPE’s last Webinar, which featured Harry McCracken and Joe Pulizzi, was a huge success. New York City Chapter President Warren Hersch has been instrumental in spearheading ASBPE’s Webinar initiative since it began a couple of years ago. (Remember: ASBPE members qualify for a 15% discount from our Webinar vendor Beacon Services. Members can follow this link and log in for details.)

9. ASBPE’s Ethics Committee and Spring Suptic. Kansas City Chapter President Spring Suptic is doing a great job implementing ASBPE’s new Ethics Advisory Program. Under the program, the committee provides timely guidance to members on editorial or advertising practices.

10. The ASBPE 2009 Awards of Excellence Brochure and Katy Tomasulo. D.C. Chapter President Katy Tomasulo stepped up this year and took on producing the 2009 contest brochure. As per usual, Katy produced a nice finished product.

Oh yeah, here’s one more thing I’m thankful for: All of the things and people I’ve failed to mention.

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