Help a Reporter Out

Photo: Marissa PalmieriBy Marisa Palmieri
Senior Editor
Golf Course Industry

Via Seth Godin’s blog, I came across this relatively new give-and-take service for journalists and sources called Help a Reporter Out. I hear it’s similar to the PR Newswire/Profnet service, which I have never used myself, but what I like about Help a Reporter Out is its grassroots-ness. Founded by a publicist and run as a free service, HARO allows journalists to query the site’s database of some 23,000 potential sources. These folks have signed up to receive HARO’s query e-mails, and they’re supposed to honor an unofficial code that says “don’t waste a journalist’s time if you aren’t an expert on a requested topic.” I can’t attest to how well this service works yet – I just came across it today – but it seems uncomplicated and useful. I’m curious if any ASBPE members have ever used it?

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