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Photo: Tonie AuerBy Tonie Auer
DFW Chapter President, National Blog Chairwoman

I’m on a distribution list for the national Society of Professional Journalists and I love it. Monday through Friday, I get an email with a plethora of information regarding media from ethics to deaths of notable professionals and everything in between. It is invaluable for industry information.

Something that popped in the inbox this week included a link to an American Journalism Review article regarding the Blog Binge of many political writers and reporters. It is a great list of the blogs that these people read daily. As an anomoly in my industry – I tend to vote on the conservative side of issues – I’m always surprised to see the left-leaning blogs and publications getting so much coverage. I was pleased to see that in addition to The Huffington Post, there were also visits to Real Clear Politics, too, on many of these writer’s lists.

But, more than that, it made me wonder what blogs are must reads for B2B industry folks. I have just a few that I’ll share, but I would really welcome other recommendations to broaden the scope.

Among my favorites (blogs and informational sites):

Paul Conley (he has great links on his page, too)
The Write News
Poynter Online
Regret the Error
Business Communications Resources
IFRA Search
If I Can Help a Reporter Out
Society of Professional Journalists’ Freelancer Blog

Any other recommendations?

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