Stay Tuned: ASBPE Conference Follow-Up

Photo: Tonie AuerBy Tonie Auer
ASBPE National Blog Chairwoman/DFW Chapter President

On the heels of the ASBPE National Conference in the city of fountains – Kansas City – we all came back armed with great information, networking leads, tips to improve ourselves and our publications as well as an invigorated feeling for what we do. That is most certainly true for me.

I discovered some shortcomings – such as my lack of technical savvy – and I discovered some strengths. At the last minute, I was tapped to lead a roundtable discussion. Nervous and anxious, I prepared as quickly as I could and it went very well (at least I think it did.)

Various ASBPE members will contribute blog posts in the coming weeks on the various topics covered from the examinations of the award-winning magazines and websites to how to interview better. So, be on the lookout for those informative, news-you-can-use blog posts.

For now, as I’m still recovering from the trip, I would like to offer two issues that involve common manners that apparently aren’t so common.

1. Please turn your mobile device to mute or silent during conferences, awards dinners, etc. It is common courtesy. And, if you are expecting a very important phone call that can’t wait, please excuse yourself to an area well outside the event. Nothing is ruder to a speaker (or other conference attendees) than to sit through a mobile phone ringing – getting louder as the device owner fumbles through his briefcase to find it and turn it off or answer it.

2. Please refrain from talking during conference sessions or awards ceremonies. I was appalled at the lack of manners coming from a particular table at our Azbee awards celebration. Throughout the entire event, a group of four people – two in particular – chatted themselves up complete with loud guffaws while awards were being presented. I was embarrassed on their behalf.

So, take those tips with you into your next conference event or even when you go to a movie or church. They’re simple good manners.

The blog will return to good B2B info on Thursday. Please note that these are MY opinions and not necessarily those reflected by the organization, staff or other board members.

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