Call for nominations: 2017 Journalism That Matters Award

The Journalism That Matters Award was first presented in 2009. The award was inspired by ASBPE’s book of the same title, which features case studies of B2B journalists whose articles brought about change within their industries. Editors may nominate themselves or a deserving colleague.

The first winner of the Journalism That Matters Award was HSToday editor David Silverberg in 2009. Silverberg was honored for his criticism in the pages of his homeland-security magazine of the National Football League’s unwillingness to run advertisements mentioning terrorism, borders, and immigration.After the HSToday articles, the NFL changed its policy.

And in 2011, ASBPE presented its second Journalism That Matters Award to The Spine Journal, which took a major step toward protecting the integrity of all scientific publishing in its June 2011 issue. The special issue was devoted to “shining a critical light on the limitations of industry-sponsored research.”

More about the establishment of the Journalism That Matters Award.

Nominations will be accepted until 4/3/2017.

If a winner is selected, the person will be recognized at the 2017 Azbee Awards of Excellence on Thursday, May 18, at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Please click here to fill out the nomination form.

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