An exciting year ahead for ASBPE: Letter from the president

To my ASBPE friends and colleagues across the country,

Wow! Is it really only the middle of January? We’ve had so much going on with ASBPE so far this year that it seems like more of 2016 has already passed. But it’s all good — promise. So please bear with me for just a few minutes while I outline the exciting changes that are coming this year…

1. Our new partnership with the Poynter Institute.

Did you see our big announcement in December? ASBPE will still be ASBPE — we’re not merging, and we’re not going away. But our management tasks that have historically been done out of a company outside of Chicago are transitioning to a new team at Poynter. And with the benefit of Poynter’s management support and global standing as a leader in journalism, we’ll be better able to support and educate our members. Because we <3 you.

2. A brand spankin’ new entry system for the Azbee Awards of Excellence.

Blood, sweat and … well, not tears, but likely a few expletives during the development process. (Hey, isn’t that how any new website launch goes?) But it has all paid off into a new Azbee entry system that’s more robust than ever before. It’s super easy to use. It’s easy to navigate. You can create and save drafts of as many entries as you’d like. You’ll get e-mail confirmations and an e-mailed copy of your invoice. But don’t just take my word. Enter now!

3. Online sign-ups to help judge the Azbees.

We expect to receive more than 1,200 entries this year in the annual Azbee Awards. And we need your help. Please! But there’s something in it for you — you can gain valuable insights into what works and what falls short for awards entries. Plus all judges will receive $75 of Azbee Bucks to use for future event registrations or the 2017 Azbee entry fees. Apply online early and indicate your judging category preferences!

4. Planning is underway for the 2016 ASBPE National Conference. Scholarships are available for young B2B editors!

We’re branchin’ out and taking advantage of our new Poynter Institute connections! The 2016 conference will be held this July at the Poynter Institute campus in St. Petersburg, Florida. More details as well as a call for speakers will be coming soon, so plan your budgets to attend!

Don’t forget that ASBPE offers the Young Leaders Scholarship program to help editors under the age of 30 attend the conference. Get more details and apply now — the deadline to apply is March 14, 2016.

5. Our newest chapter is in (drumroll, please) Washington, D.C.!

For years, we’ve had active chapters in Chicago, New York City, Boston, Cleveland and Kansas City. And we’re pleased to add Washington, D.C. now to that mix. The DC chapter is hosting a happy hour mixer on Jan. 26 and is planning events now for this spring. If you’d like to get involved, contact DC Chapter president Teresa Anderson. Or if you’re interested in starting a chapter in a different city, give me a shout directly!

So there’s just a taste of what we’re working on, and there’s much more to come. And on behalf of our entire board of directors, thanks for your ongoing support, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.


Jessica Zemler
President, ASBPE

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