Archived webcast: Email newsletter burning questions answered—What they don’t teach in school

In 2015, email marketing (still) tops the charts for return on investment, earning as high as $28 for every $1 invested. Are your campaigns earning their full potential? Jessica Best, Digital Marketing Evangelist with emfluence, answers the burning questions she’s asked most often in the realm of email marketing, including:


· How often should I be sending emails?
· What makes a good looking email and how is it different from web design and print design?
· Are my emails going to the junk folder?
· How do I boost open and click through rates?
· What works in subject lines?

Join us for a webcast where you’ll learn specific tactics and truths that will impact your email campaigns immediately. Jessica will leave plenty of time for your own questions, so come prepared to ask her how to solve your email marketing mysteries!

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