Archived webcast: 10 errors editors are making today

Photo courtesy of Mari Helin-Tuominen
Photo courtesy of Mari Helin-Tuominen.

In part two of Erin Boyle’s Editing Strategies for the Busy Editor Boyle will discuss how editors can make mistakes they don’t see coming, the mistakes that come back to haunt them the most. What can we do to avoid costly errors in our editing style that go beyond grammar and syntax? Tips will include problem areas to focus on and offer solutions, including trusting our intuition and having a broader, big-picture understanding of all aspects that go into error-free editing.

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About the speaker:


Erin L. Boyle celebrated 10 years as an editor and writer in medical publishing this past spring. She started her career two years prior to that, as a reporter for daily newspapers in New Jersey. She is currently the communications manager at an oncology medical society, overseeing all association editing and the production of a quarterly magazine for the physician membership. As a copy editor and proofreader, Erin enjoys finding that one word out of place (although she admits it can drive her crazy, especially when reading e-books). She copy edits documents including e-newsletters, supplements, business articles, and daily newspapers produced onsite at medical conferences. She has a keen eye for detail, in both words and images, with a love for photography.

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