ASBPE National Editorial Conference Social Media Session

ASBPE National Editorial Conference Social Media Session

This year’s ASBPE National Conference featured many informative sessions for B2B editors, including a presentation by Jessica Zemler and Brendan Howard of Advanstar Communications’ veterinary group.

In the following clip, Jessica and Brendan discuss how they were able to use the information they got from social media metrics trackers such as Facebook Insights to learn the peak time to post their content to social networks.


Jessica: The data you get back form the survey, you’re going to know where your audience is spending their time so you want to prioritize your time where they are.

Brendan: Your website is not the social media channels. Just talking about those videos, that morning time seems ideal, but we looked at our social media channels and we were able to look at this with Facebook Insights, it sort of grows and grows and grows all day long, and it’s peaking an hour and a half or two hours after everybody at the veterinary practice has probably already gone home.