Winners! ASBPE 2013 Northeastern Region Awards

Winners! ASBPE 2013 Northeastern Region Awards

Following the recent ASBPE Award Banquet in New York City, you can download a list of the winners for the Northeast Region awards (25K PDF). Regional gold winners are listed below, but please download the full document to see all winners in all categories. Click here to view a list of the National Azbee Award winners (25K PDF).


Additionally, for winners of those awards: If you would like to order plaques that commemorate your accomplishment, you can download the plaque re-order form (37K PDF) and follow the directions to order more.

Congratulations once again to the winners!

ASBPE 2013 Northeast Region Gold Award Winners

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Over $2M
Engineering News-Record
ENR Editorials
5/7/2012, 8/13/2012
Richard Korman

Editorial/Editor’s Letter
Revenue Under $2M
Business Jet Traveler
Business Jet Traveler Editorials
June 2012, December 2012
Jeff Burger, John Manfredo

Feature Article – Group Effort
Corporate Counsel
Training for Trouble
November 2012
Sue Reisinger, Catherine Dunn

Feature Article – Impact/Investigative Feature
“American Injustice”
March 2012
Steven A. Morelli

Feature Article: In-depth Feature, More than 1,000
CIO Magazine
“Fraud Happens”
April 1, 2012
Kim S. Nash (author), Mitch Betts, Terri Haas, Colleen Barry

Feature Article: Solo Author
CIO Magazine
“Gambling on Startups”
Sept. 15, 2012
Stephanie Overby (author), Mitch Betts, Terri Haas, Colleen Barry

Individual Profile
Chief Of The Year
Dec. 17, 2012
Fritz Nelson

Organizational Profile
“Big Data, Big Brother, Big Bucks”
June 1, 2012
Kim S. Nash (author), Mitch Betts, Terri Haas, Colleen Barry

Regular Column, Contributed
Ask The Expert
Kristine Shreve, Nicole Rollender

Special Supplement
Accounting Today
2012 Top 100 Firms
March 2012
The Staff of Accounting Today

Feature Article Design
Revenue Over $2M
ABA Journal
“King Coal’s Violent Reign”
December 2012
Brenan Sharp

Feature Article Design
Revenue Under $2M
Smart Enterprise
Big Data, Big Innovation
Volume 6, Number 2, June 2012
Dave Nicastro, CD; Giulia Fini-Gulotta, AD; Adeline Cannone, Production
Manager; Laura Alvino, Sr. Production Artist

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Over $2M
Fleet Owner
A Tale of Two Oils Cover
Nov. 2012
Dan Zeis

Front Cover – Computer Generated
Revenue Under $2M
American Banker Magazine
Annual Survey of Bank Reputations
July 2012
American Banker Magazine Staff

Front Cover – Illustration
ABA Journal
“12 For The Stage”
August 2012
Robert Fernandez and Eric Drooker

Front Cover – Photo
Revenue Over $2M
Financial Planning
Untapped Potential
September 2012
Financial Planning Staff

Front Cover – Photo
Revenue Under $2M
SNAP February/March 2012
February/March 2012
Cathleen McGuigan, Rita Catinella Orrell, Francesca Messina, Mitch Shostak,
Corey Kuepfer, Shostak Studios

Opening Page/Spread – Computer Generated
“Virtual Reality More Virtual Than Real”
September 24, 2012
Stephen Sauer
Opening Page/Spread – Illustration
Show Me Your Skills
December 17, 2012
April Montgomery, art director / Victo Ngai, illustrator

Opening Page/Spread – Photo
Fall Fashion Preview
September 2012
Mark Pricskett, Diane Pizzuto

Publication Redesign
CSO Magazine
July/August, 2012 – September, 2012
Derek Slater, Steve Traynor