Webcast: Financial Modeling Tools for B2B Journalists

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Insights, best practices and benefits of financial modeling tools that can give you and your B2B publication a competitive edge

Financial models, mathematical tools used to estimate the outcome of financial decisions before the committing of funds, are no longer the exclusive domain of high-priced management consultants. Now, B2B publications are also giving their readers such tools–and monetizing editorial content in the process–to help assess the feasibility of corporate projects.

In this March 28 webcast, Steven S. Ross will explore the many valuable uses and benefits of financial modeling tools in B2B reporting and publishing. Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • What a financial model is and how it works;
  • What should be included in a financial model;
  • Where you can go for expertise to draft them; and
  • How you can monetize them and attract more readers.

Of course, B2B journalists are using financial modeling for investigative reporting. Even small, simple models can be used to test the veracity of statements made by public relations people about new products or services. Financial modeling can also supplement other resources in the B2B journalist’s toolkit, including ratio analysis when analyzing balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements to determine the state of a company’s financial health.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013
Time: 2:00-3:30 pm ET (1:00-2:30 pm CT)
Location: Your computer.
Cost: ASBPE members: Free until Tuesday, March 26, then $15
Nonmembers: $35


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About the presenter

Steve Ross is a long-time technology writer and former Columbia University journalism professor. He is also the Corporate Editor of Broadband Properties Magazine. The international publication (www. bbpmag.com) is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for ultra-connected communities. Some of his biggest models are on the site at www.FTTHAnalyzer.com.

Ross has domestic and international expertise in architecture, land-use planning, business, and education. He has built editorial models for Baseline, Engineering News-Record and others, and has modeled publishers’ business processes for Time Warner, Consumers Union and others.

Ross is well known in journalism circles for his CD-ROM-based instructional software and for his expertise in distance learning and computer-assisted reporting, also known as “analytic journalism”. He also appears regularly on History Channel and Weather Channel shows, most recently on Deadliest Space Weather.

He holds a BS in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MS in Journalism from Columbia. He has authored or edited 19 books. He has edited magazines and newsletters for McGraw-Hill, MBA Communications, Boardroom Publishing and others. He’s won numerous technical, professional, and journalistic awards. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and has taught statistics in academic and industrial settings.