ASBPE Hosts Digital Bootcamp in Chicago

ASBPE Hosts Spring Bootcamp in Chicago

The Chicago chapter of ASBPE recently hosted its first Digital Bootcamp at Columbia College in Chicago.

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The event, entitled “The Rules of Engagement” covered topics such as digital ethics, digital issues and apps, SEO and writing for the web as well as how to engage with readers, potential clients and even senior management when it comes to social media. Using Storify, a publishing platform, ASBPE aggregated the following excerpts from the event. Members can download the presentations at


Presented by Mark Schlack, Vice President of Editorial, TechTarget; and Harry McCracken, Editor-at-Large, Time magazine and
Does it make sense to have an ‘ethics watchdog’ at your company? #asbpebootcampASBPE
From Mark Schlack — Editorial sponsored products are on the rise #asbpebootcampASBPE
From MSchlack – Readers will consume vendor or custom content, they generally see editorial as more credible #asbpebootcampASBPE
When working with sales — create working titles and 1 graf abstracts that summarize the angle #asbpebootcampASBPE
Is the sponsor calling the shots or am I? from @harrymccracken #asbpebootcampASBPE
Mobile Apps

Presented by Jessica Zemler, Editor,
Learning about the mobile app for #asbpebootcampASBPE
app staff is 1 editor, 1 art director, 1 web developer; edit content pool + directors #asbpebootcampASBPE
For apps — strong graphics, video & audio and concise are musts #asbpebootcampASBPE
SEO and Writing for the Web

Presented by Erin Erickson, Sr. Digital Editor, Putman Media
Erin Erickson: "SEO is similar to shopping at a large bookstore with thousands of books to choose from." #asbpebootcampASBPE
Do it: Examine the keywords that lead people to your site. (We use Omniture SiteCatalyst) #asbpebootcampASBPE
Determine your site’s most popular articles – gives idea of hot topics. Helps you know readers. Be specific w those heds! #asbpebootcampASBPE
SEO tip: Don’t leave out words in headlines or content that might seem redundant in your magazine #asbpebootcampASBPE
Social Media Engagement and Branding

Presented by Darcy Lewis and Chuck Bowen
@writedarcylewis Whatever you do re: yourself and your brand: be consistent and be comfortable #asbpebootcampASBPE
per @writedarcylewis re: managing your own brand: Keywords matter on LinkedIn too #asbpebootcampASBPE
Per Chuck Bowen re: social media — articulate what you want to do and what you don’t’ want to do #asbpebootcampASBPE