Five ASBPE Chapters Host Enron Reporters

24 Days book coverAug. 1, 2003 —ASBPE is partnering with HarperCollins in the launch of its book 24 Days, written by the two Wall Street Journal reporters who dug into the Enron story and made many of its key findings.
Five ASBPE chapters are hosting cocktail party discussions with the authors of 24 Days, Rebecca Smith and John Emshwiller.
The two journalists will tell the story behind the story. They will talk about their reporting methods and discuss the revelations they made in their coverage for The Wall Street Journal.
The schedule of events so far is as follows:

  • New York City: Aug. 4 — Smith and Emshwiller
  • Washington, D.C.: Aug. 6 — Smith and Emshwiller
  • Houston: Aug. 7 — Smith
  • Los Angeles: Aug. 20 — Emshwiller
  • San Francisco: Smith (date to be announced)

C-SPAN taped the Washington, D.C., event for its show Book TV. The air date has not been set; news will appear on this site when a date is scheduled.
Details for San Francisco will be available soon.