Call for Judges: 2007 Azbees

ASBPE is accepting applications this fall.
Now that this year’s Azbee Awards of Excellencehave been given, the winners can sit back and bask in the afterglow. But that’s not the end of the awards program for the year.
ASBPE is looking for people who are interested in judging the 29th annual Azbees. We need qualified judges in all categories—editorial, design, web, and newsletter. You can choose which of those categories you’re most interested in judging, and you can also indicate which specific category you’d prefer to judge, whether it be Best Case History, Best Web Database, Best Feature Design, or any of about 40 other classifications.
Judging requirements are:

  • Must be currently working (includes freelancers) or retired from a B2B publication–minimum of five years’ experience in B2B.
  • Must be willing to judge 10 to 300 entries, depending on the number of entries in your assigned category.
  • Must be willing to commit the time necessary to judge the categories appropriately.
  • Must be willing to judge your category during a one-month period between March and April.
  • Must be willing to judge entries objectively.
  • Most categories are judged by at least two people. Discussion with second judge is recommended, but must be available to review with second judge if asked.
  • Must be willing to write a short description (five sentences max.) of the positive elements of your top five entries in each circulation category (over 80,000, under 80,000)
  • Every entry must be evaluated and given a score.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest, no person may judge a category in which his or her magazine has entered.