2008 National Azbee Award Winners Announced

ASBPE’s 30th annual Azbee Awards of Excellence were celebrated July 24 at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo. The banquet was part of the ASBPE National Editorial Conference.

Taking top honors were Magazines of the Year The Scientist and Restaurants & Institutions; Web Site of the Year Computerworld.com, and Multi-Platform Presentation winner Network World.

30th Anniversary Awards

As part of its 30th Azbee Awards of Excellence celebration, ASBPE also named the top business-to-business magazines since 2000 and the top five B2B Web sites since 2002. IDG swept all three categories, with CIO and CSO tops in the magazine category (for 80,000-or-more circulation and under 80,000, respectively). CIO.com was chosen as the top web site. The editors of the winning publications put together a short video highlighting some of the reasons for their success, which was shown at the banquet.

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Photo: David CullenFor the sixth year, ASBPE also presented an award to an individual editor for feature writing. The Stephen Barr Award went to David Cullen for his role as coordinator of FleetOwner’s August 2007 feature “Fuel: Diesel and Beyond.” Said the judges: “The writing was distinctive in its clarity. And it provided a real service for its readers … by explaining the pros and cons of the different alternatives available to an industry that lives or dies on the price of the fuel.”

Photo: Abe Peck

At a luncheon earlier in the day, Northwestern University professor and editorial consultant Abe Peck was presented with ASBPE’s Lifetime

Achievement Award. Accepting the award, Peck reminded the audience of the importance the in-depth reporting done by business publications. He noted that a recent article about the failure of the electrical grid in Iraq taught him more about the problems facing our government there than any of the mainstream news articles he has read.

Follow the links below for full details on the award winners, including more in-depth profiles of Abe Peck and David Cullen.