Success: Social Media Networking

By Tonie Auer Everyone keeps talking about social media and how we’ve all just got to be a part of it. I’m not sure who the “everyone” is really, but I’ll fill you in: they’re right. For one … read more

Operating Your Online News Feed

By Maureen Alley How do you operate your online news feed? Do you repurpose what you find in your Lexis-Nexis file? Please say no. If you don’t write your own news for your site, tell me, why would … read more

When One Door Closes …

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Like most aspiring writers (of something beyond the B2B publications), I strive to read quality work. I try to change things up a bit, moving from suspense writers like Deborah Crombie to the … read more

Reporting Live From the Echo Chamber

By Steve Roll We’ve all heard how no content should be wasted in the Multi-Platform Age. Those pictures that didn’t make the cut for that magazine story? Use them for an online slideshow. The sidebar you didn’t use … read more

Make Yourself Indispensable

By Tonie AuerDFW Chapter President Covering real estate in a down economy makes story creation a bit limited at times. But, I’m taking the advice that a commercial real estate broker gave some “young guns” at a recent … read more

Six Ways To Salvage a Bad Interview

By Amy E. Buttell You’ve got that sinking feeling – you’re interviewing a source, but it’s not going well. You need the source’s perspective for your story and have got to try to pull a rabbit of your … read more