Dead Letters

By Bill Coffin The U.S. Postal Service announced Wednesday that come August, it will cut back Saturday mail deliveries in a bid to save itself some $2 billion a year. The news drew a fairly huge amount of … read more

Hello From Your New Blog Chair

By Jay Campbell [I know the site looks different. I had to update to a newer theme to do what I hope are some interesting things with this blog, and the old one just wasn’t working for me. … read more

Is Your Content Valuable?

Checking for valuable content within your publishing channels can refocus your resources to meet your audience and business goals. By Sara Zailskas Walsh Are you producing valuable content? You’re likely inclined to say, “Yes, of course what we … read more

Innovate, Experiment, Evaluate, Repeat

Sharon Machlis, the online managing editor for Computerworld, shares why it’s important to constantly innovate, experiment and evaluate when it comes to improving communication among editorial staff or readers. There’s well-deserved emphasis these days on new technologies to … read more