Five design trend predictions for 2020

Using more genuine and realistic stock photos is one trend expected to grow in 2020. By Allison Krieg B2B publications rely on their designers to create eye-catching, elegant designs that accurately represent the companies, businesses and topics featured … read more

Keeping tabs on time management

Use some of these tips to improve on time management in 2020. Business-to-business (B2B) editors have much longer to-do lists today than they did even just a decade ago. Much of this can be attributed to the changing … read more

Word with the 2019 Winners: tED magazine

tED magazine received the Magazine of the Year award during the 2019 Azbees for the Under $3 Million in Revenue category. Earlier this year, the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) honored tED magazine as Magazine of … read more

Daring to disrupt

Disruptive editorial content means taking a break from normal course of action in order to stand out. Disruption is often a bad thing. The word can be used to describe something that causes division or turmoil. It makes … read more

Increasing your success with advertorials

Create advertorials that are trustworthy and engaging. By Sophia McDonald Bennett An advertorial, which is a subcategory of sponsored content or native advertising, is a magazine or newspaper article that is similar in form to the editorial content … read more

Strong ethics, good business

A speaker from ASBPE’s GenerationB2B conference explains why strong ethics are good for business. Advertisers strengthen B2B publications, but readers and trust are essential to the industry’s survival. Sometimes advertisers go too far and risk the health of … read more