How B2B Editors Can Harness Key Social Impact Trends in Their Coverage

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, staying ahead isn’t a luxury — it’s essential. This rings especially true for B2B editors and freelance writers navigating social impact issues such as climate change and diversity, equity and inclusion.

I’ve dedicated many years as a B2B editor in the food and agriculture sectors. Now, at the helm of Silver Maple Strategies, I’ve seen multiple trends transforming this landscape. Recently, I had the honor of sharing these insights in a webinar with the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE).

Being attuned to these trends allows editors and writers to spearhead new editorial content, forge revenue-boosting partnerships, and genuinely benefit both their readers and society at large. 

The five trends I’ve witnessed are:

  • Trend #1: Media’s Role Is Evolving: The B2B media landscape is rapidly changing to focus more diligently on social impact issues. This transformation offers novel editorial opportunities for B2B editors. However, it’s not without its challenges. With new beats to cover, there’s a pressing need to deepen subject matter expertise.
  • Trend #2: Social Impact Priorities Are Shifting: In any industry, trending social impact topics ebb and flow. Yet, they remain pivotal for a large section of your audience. Editors should note that executives are increasingly balancing social value and financial value.
  • Trend #3: Investment Dollars Affect Reality For Business Leaders: Both federal and private dollars are becoming instrumental in shaping the narrative, policies, regulations, legal and insurance environment around social impact.
  • Trend #4: Technology And Social Impact Increasingly Overlap: Technologies, especially AI and data analytics, are amplifying social impact outcomes and accountability.
  • Trend #5: Social Impact Has Shifted From Margins To Mainstream: Social impact is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have component of any business seeking to remain viable long-term.

Set aside an hour to watch the webinar recording for full details and to hear from other B2B editors and writers like you who are actively implementing these strategies in their businesses. 

Social impact isn’t a here-today-gone-tomorrow topic. It’s table stakes for the future of business and society — a society you can shape for good through the stories you tell.

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Nate Birt

Nate Birt is a nationally published author, former B2B editor, journalist, speaker and founder of Silver Maple Strategies, a social impact consulting company. His work has appeared in the Detroit Free Press, Fast Company, The Washington Post and Farm Journal. He helps purpose-driven leaders accelerate massive goals through fundraising strategy, communication strategy and private coaching. Birt is a senior adviser to Trust In Food, the sustainability division of Farm Journal. He has helped organizations build social impact programs across Fortune 500 companies, global nonprofits and government agencies, securing $45 million in funding. Birt’s new book, “7 Secrets of Highly Effective Social Impact Communicators,” will be published in the winter of 2023/24. He and his wife, Julie, operate a small farm in eastern Missouri with their four children.

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