Why Azbee judging is fun, not a chore

By Stephanie Ricca, Editor-at-Large, Hotel News Now

AZBEES_Logo1I look forward to Azbee judging season every year because I’m a Nosy Nellie. It’s as simple as that—I love to see what other B2B editors and designers are doing. I enjoy reading and seeing the huge range of entries that we get every year, and I love making mental notes to myself about great ideas that might work for my own publication.

Yes, it’s all about stealing, wait … sharing … ideas.

Every year I am impressed by the entries that come in on so many different subjects, and it’s so interesting to see the common themes that all of us as B2B writers, editors and designers are trying to achieve—great writing, punchy presentation and above all, making our content appealing to readers. We’re all facing similar challenges in media today, but sharing how we meet and tackle those challenges through our writing and design is a huge learning tool for me, and it gives me a renewed sense of faith in our collective endeavors of educating people in our industry.

Click here to learn more about Azbee Awards judging, and then fill out this form to apply to participate as a judge this year. It’s an exciting year for ASBPE as we take our awards program to a new level with a refreshed look and streamlined entry and judging platform.


stephaniericcaStephanie heads special projects and various content initiatives including HNN’s Independent Insights newsletter. She boasts nearly a decade’s worth of experience in hotel trade journalism, most recently serving as Editor-in-Chief at Hotel Management magazine before joining HNN in January 2015.


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