Ann Wylie Writing Workshop: Chicago, Dec. 11, 2013

Ann Wylie Writing Workshop

Do your team members need to write better copy, faster? Reach more readers? Come up with more creative ideas?

Perhaps I can help.

I’m a Gold Quill Award-winning communicator whose workshops take me from Hollywood to Helsinki. There, I help communicators at such organizations as NASA, Nike and Nokia polish their skills and find new inspiration for their work.

Now my training business is bringing me to the Chicago area on Dec. 11. If you’d like to hold a customized, in-house program for your communicators while I’m in the neighborhood, you could save money by sharing some travel costs with my other client.

You can find out more about my programs at and more about me at

Interested? Please contact me directly at

You’ll find out why Arthur E. F. Wiese Jr., vice president of Corporate Communications at Entergy, says, “Ann’s courses have definitely improved the quality of writing at Entergy. Hiring Ann would be one of the smartest investments a corporate executive could make in improving his or her company’s communications.”

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