Volunteer Journalist – Centralized Global News Network

The Centralized Global News Network (cgnn.org) is looking for volunteer journalists. The idea behind the website is to provide viewers with a “Global Perspective” (an in-depth, thorough perspective) on a particular topic/ issue happening anywhere in the world. The idea is to avoid mainstream topics, avoid regurgitating existing news and provide audiences with more meaningful news.

CGNN is looking for volunteer journalists at the moment (considering it is a small company) from anywhere in the world that would like to write meaningful news articles worthy of educating the public.

Any written language is fine as long as it is translatable with conventional software into English.

I have a couple of examples on the website so feel free to take a look.

If anyone is interested in writing journalist material or have further questions please feel free to send me an email at cgnn@outlook.com

Please share this page with your friends and colleagues.

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