We need you to help improve the Azbees

Have you entered the Azbees https://asbpe.org/azbee-awards? We’re in the process of judging the 2012 entries and we’re already planning for the 2013 contest and we’d like to get your feedback.
Do you have suggestions for new categories? Outdated categories that should be removed? Criteria that we should be considering? We added two new categories this year to recognize the growth in smart phone apps and webcasts. And, what hinders your ability to enter the contest? Are the publishers standing the way? The time crunch in getting entries done? The SRDS aspect? What else? We would like your feedback. You’re in the trenches; you want recognition … how best can we do this? Please email me your input at tonieauer@gmail.com, so the National Competition Committee can review and create suggestions for the ASBPE Board.
— Tonie Auer, ASBPE National Competition Committee Czar

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