Media Ethics Doesn’t Have to Be an Oxymoron

Media Ethics Doesn’t Have to Be an Oxymoron

Hear a discussion on ethics at the Sept. 21 ASBPE Houston meeting.

Editorial ethics made global headlines with the Murdoch newspaper scandals. While we as editors, writers, freelancers or PR professionals aren’t involved in phone hacking and illegal break-ins, we face situations in the workplace that can test our ethics and moral integrity – from within the company and from advertisers.

The program will be presented by attorney Don E. Tomlinson, who will discuss:

  • What is ethics … is it the same as morality?
  • Living in a world with citizen bloggers who don’t follow editorial rules.
  • What is moral thinking and how is it related to journalism?
  • Ways that editorial departments can raise awareness about media ethics.

A Q/A session will follow the presentation.

About the Presenter

Tomlinson has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism and was a television reporter and then Associated Press writer in Little Rock, Ark., before entering law school in the mid 1970s. After receiving his J.D., he practiced law for eight years (part of that time including media law and entertainment law) and then joined the journalism faculty at Texas A&M University where he taught media law and media ethics for nearly 20 years (practicing media law and entertainment law during that time, as well). In 2005, he moved to Houston to become a clinical professor of law at UHLC. In 2008, he entered full-time law practice once more, concentrating in media law, entertainment law and intellectual property matters.

Meeting Details

Date: Wednesday, September 21

Time: 6:00 Networking begins, the presentation starts at 6:30 p.m.


The Museum of Printing History
1324 West Clay (near Waugh)
Map and transportation information.

To RSVP or for information, call or e-mail either:


  • Professionals: $15
  • Young Professionals Under 30: $10
  • Students: $5

Light snacks will be served.

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Photo: Aimee Roundtree and Michael Hobley
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Chapter Newsletter

Download copies of the Houston chapter newsletter here.

August 2005 issue (1.7MB PDF)

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  • Editors + Freelancers = Symbiotic Relationship
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February 2005 issue (1.1MB PDF)

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  • Sales and Editorial Can Play Nicely
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  • Local Trade Pubs Perform Difficult Balancing Act
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  • Are Interest Groups Blurring the Media Line?
    D.C. ASBPE co-hosts event examining ethical considerations arising from growth of interest-group media.

October 2004 issue (2 MB PDF)

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  • Tact Essential for Dealing with Experts
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  • The Tufte World of Design
    Getting effective design lessons from the one who wrote the book.
  • Writing for Trade Magazines
    The rules for trade magazine writing are different than those for consumer writing – being confident in their understanding is key.

August 2004 issue (2MB PDF)

Includes these articles:

  • Editing by Design Kicks off Annual Conference
    Consultant and Editing by Design author Jan White discusses challenges and solutions in striving to help the reader get the most from a publication.
  • Magazine of the Year Winners Share Secrets
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April 2004 issue (144K PDF)

Includes these articles:

  • Media Scandals, Challenge of Objectivity
    A report on the Houston Bar Association’s annual Law & Media Seminar.
  • Consistency Key for Graphic Design
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Chapter Meeting Recap:

State of the Publishing Industry 2003
At chapter event, editors got advice on how to weather the economic climate.

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