ASBPE Announces 2011 National Conference Details

The 2011 ASBPE National Editorial Conference will be taking place August 4-5 in Chicago, Ill. This year’s conference aims at examining the relationship between the print and digital worlds. Whether your focus is primarily print, primarily digital or a mix of both, this conference has everything you need to do your job better.

The ASBPE Conference Committee is excited to announce a rough outline of the topics we’ll be covering. We’ll be tackling important topics in both panel and individual discussion format as well as through interactive roundtable discussions where our attendees can work hands-on with the experts in the field.

If you are considering attending and are interested in learning more about the conference, please email committee chair Erin Erickson. Registration will be available Mid-June.

August 4

9:00 a.m. Morning Keynote: Trends in B2B

10 a.m. Session
Print—Magazine of the Year Case Studies
Digital—Web Site of the Year & Multiplatform Award Case Studies

11:15 Interactive Roundtables
Print — The Art & Craft of the Interview
Digital —  Managing Digital Content

1:30 Afternoon Keynote: Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurial Journalism

2:45 Sessions
Print—Investigative Reporting
Digital—The Next Generation of Social Media

3:45 — Interactive Roundtables
Print—Magazine/Design Critique
Digital—Social Media Critique

August 5
9:00 Morning Keynote: 21st century Ethics

10:15 Sessions
Print—Time Management
Digital— Protecting the Digital Brand

11:15 Sessions
Print—Understanding Financial Reporting and Tools
Digital—Best Practices to Apply when Producing Multimedia/Webcasts

1:00-2:00 Interactive Roundtables
Print— Top 10 Editorial Mistakes
Digital — Understanding Analytics

We hope to see you at the 2011 ASBPE National Conference!

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