The Print Azbees

Deadline for submissions January 25; fairer competition divisions now to be revenue-based

A change in the basic divisions of the 2010 annual Print Azbees Awards of Excellence contest will make small publications more competitive. Instead of being circulation-based, the awards will be revenue-based to help ensure a fairer and more balanced awards program. The deadline for entries is January 25, 2010.

As before, ASBPE will accept online electronic entries for most categories. But 2010 will be the last year in which the Society will accept hard copy nominations.

Submission process

Entrants for the various print categories will find instructions online on how to make a low-resolution PDF and will be informed of a successful upload. For better entry preparation, a well-written mission statement, geared for judging purposes, will be posted.

Although entrants can still send hard copies, most categories will be available for PDF submission, including design entries. Some categories, such as those needing entire issues, will still require hard copies.

Call for entries

ASBPE will email the entry form to publications nationwide. Reminder postcards will be mailed in December.


Submitting online will carry a lower entry fee than submitting hard copy:

  • Members, $75 for entering online; $105 for entering hard copies.
  • Nonmembers, $85 for online; $115 for hard copies.
  • Fees for the Magazine of the Year are slightly higher.

Category Changes

The 2010 competition maintains most of the editorial and design categories from last year. Newsletter categories have been combined into two: Newsletter General Excellence and Newsletter Article. Individual/ Company Profile is now two separate categories (“Individual” and “Company”). Additionally, “human interest” has been removed from the Humorous/Fun category.

New Contest Divisions

Two sets of awards will be given in each print magazine editorial and design category, and in the Magazine of the Year competition. However, the 2010 competition divisions will be defined not by circulation, as in prior years, but rather by revenue. This change is being implemented to ensure a more fair and balanced competition.

At the close of the contest deadline, revenue figures will be aggregated from all of the competition entry forms and a median value will be calculated from the data. Entries of publications that fall below the median — one-half of the total number of publications participating in the contest — will be placed in a “Small Publications” division. The balance of entries will be placed in a “Large Publications” division.


Each entry is read by multiple, experienced judges with background in business publications. Their introduction to each entry is a required one-page cover letter describing the publication’s mission, readership, the enterprising work that went into the entry, and its significance to readers.

The Magazine of the Year judging panel analyzes three consecutive issues of a publication for quality of writing, reporting, and editing; editorial organization; layout and design; value to readers; and interaction with readers.

Print Editorial judging typically is based on quality of writing, reporting, and editing; development of the subject; presentation; and value to readers. Print Design judging typically is based on layout and composition; use of typography, graphics, and photography; content; originality; relevance to the related story or publication; and how easily the entry communicates useful information to the reader.

Award finalists

As always, award finalists will be notified in advance of the national and regional awards banquets. For 2010, all entrants will be notified by e-mail.

Award categories

The Azbees will include gold, silver, and bronze awards nationally and regionally at the judges’ discretion.

Azbee awards banquet

National awards will be presented during the ASBPE annual National Editorial Conference in July 2010 in Chicago. Details for regional awards ceremonies will be announced later.

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