All-Star Lineup for ASBPE National Editorial Conference, July 15-17

Concerned about the current state of the economy? Wondering what skills and experience you need to propel your career in the rapidly shifting B2B publishing industry? This is an exciting time in which rapid advances in technology have created new opportunities by allowing B2B publications to engage with their readers in more ways than ever before. Learn the skills
you need to thrive in today’s dynamic print, digital and multimedia publishing scene at the 2009 ASBPE National Editorial Conference in Washington, D.C., July 15-17.

This year’s conference features a lineup stacked with respected industry veterans and brimming with helpful advice and insights. Here’s a run-through of this year’s sessions.

Keynote: The Future of Publishing
What does the future hold for B2B? Veteran publishing industry consultant, blogger, and commentator Bob Sacks will examine the industry’s next steps and the implications of technology advances for B2B editors. Learn what you can do to prepare for the ever-changing digital era while balancing new roles with maintaining editorial quality.

Panel: Innovative Responses to Today’s Troubling Times
Peter Goldstone, President, Hanley Wood Business Media
David Silverberg, Founding Editor, HSToday
Noelle Skodzinski, Editor in Chief, Book Business and Publishing

This session will explore: What types of ideas work best in a down market? How can magazine staffs work together to develop new ideas? How can you leverage technology to create and deploy new programs?

Panel: Keeping Print Relevant in Today’s Digital Age
Abbie Lundberg, President, Lundberg Media; former Editor in Chief, CIO
Bill Mitchell, Leader of News Transformation and International Programs, The Poynter Institute
Richard Creighton, Principal, The Magazine Group
Is print dying or is it merely transitioning? The concept of “what works” is changing as a new generation of readers looks for shorter pieces and more web interaction. In this session, you will learn how to keep your print product relevant in an era where the Internet is getting all the attention.

Case Studies: The 21st Century Workflow
Wyatt Kash, Editor in Chief, Government Computer News and Defense Systems
Raju Narisetti, managing editor, The Washington Post
Michael Protos, Production Editor, 1105 Media.
This session will explore how to plan and schedule for web-first publishing and implement web 2.0 strategies amidst existing publishing demands. Editors successfully publishing in print and online will offer lessons learned in making the transition to a full-scale dual-publishing format.


The Print/Design Relationship

Using Social Media to Advance Your Brand

How to Sell Your Ideas to Company Executives

20 Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Case Studies: 2009 Magazines of the Year

For the complete schedule and registration information, click here to download the official conference PDF.

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