11 Copyblogger Posts That Will Change the Way You Blog

Photo: Erin Ericksonby Erin Erickson, Chicago Chapter Vice President;
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This post is adapted from Me Media: Social Media for Non-Techies
“11 Copyblogger Posts That Will Change the Way You Blog”

I’ve referenced Copyblogger as one of 5 Websites that Taught Me A Lot About Social Media

Not only does Copyblogger have a great blogging business model, but its content is relevant and timely, especially to new bloggers. I often find myself tagging the posts to refer back to later, which is why I’m posting a list of my 11 favorite blog posts. (Why 11? Because 10 is too typical and I hate to be typical.)

The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Finding Great Post Images. Want a surefire way to capture readers’ attention? Include images in your posts. Post writer Sonia Simone explains easy ways to do it.

Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb. As a professional editor, this one really hits home to me. I’m guilty of some of these mistakes sometimes although I wish I weren’t!

10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers. Copyblogger founder Brian Clark offers great ideas including offering ‘bribes,’ becoming a guest blogger and cross promoting.

How to Be Interesting. Sure we all think we’re interesting. I hope I am sometimes. Post writer Jonathan Morrow offers great advice in this post including my favorite: “Unleash your Inner Dork.”

How to Change the World Using Social Media. This is a relatively new post, but as an aspiring social media consultant, it resonates with me. Check it and chew on the insights.

Are You Blogging With Purpose? (If Not, 5 Ways to Fix That). When I write, I like to think that I’m being informative and serving a purpose. There’s a chance I’m wrong and completely pointless. This post reminds me how to write meaningful posts.

Landing Page Tutorials and Case Studies. This page is helpful not only for what I aspire my blog(s) to be, but also for my job as a digital editor at a publishing company. Many SEO consultants will tell you that landing pages are one of the keys to effective SEO. Truth be told, I’m still working on this one for my own sites.

Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well. I love Ernest Hemingway. His writing was intellectually stimulating and concise, as are the tips in this post.

Six Ways to Instantly Find the Right Words. Regardless of if you blog or not, this post hits home with anyone who depends on good writing for their job. The post starts off with the most poignant question: Do you have a point?

Time Is Not on Your Side: Time Management Tips for Writers. As I’ve mentioned, I am an editor by day so this post is tremendously helpful to my job. The post offers helpful PDFs you can download to determine if you’re a time waster and what you can do about it.

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Blog? Another blog post that is even more helpful if you have any sort of digital media job. Includes links and topics such as writing for SEO, writing for a niche and crafting the perfect headline.

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