ASBPE Blog Policies

1. Unless otherwise stated, views expressed are the individual author’s and may not reflect official positions taken by ASBPE.

2. All comments submitted to the blog by users are moderated by the blog administrators — the blog committee members listed at right. Commenters are allowed to post anonymously, without signing up for a Blogger ID, but the blog administrators reserve the right not to publish those or any other comments that don’t meet our guidelines:

  • Comments containing personal attacks, harassment, or threats will not be posted; nor will obscene or racist comments, potentially libelous material, or plagiarized material.
  • Spam or advertisements will not be posted, nor will comments whose main purpose seems to be to plug a particular product or service (at the discretion of the blog administrators).
  • Personal information that the individual concerned did not agree to have published.
  • Material not related to the blog post’s topic.

3. As for privacy, ASBPE will not collect your contact information from this blog. Privacy for those who subscribe to this blog via email is governed by the policies of FeedBlitz, the third party that provides that functionality. FeedBlitz shares your email address with us, but with nobody else. If you don’t want us to have access to your email address, you can set your FeedBlitz profile preferences to be anonymous by visiting the FeedBlitz site and logging in.

4. We do reserve the right to publish information sent to blog authors via email, so if you want your emailed comments to be off the record, let us know.

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