Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

You may nominate as many individuals as you like. Fill out this form once for each person. Nominees need not be members of ASBPE. Nominations must be completed by 11:59 pm CDT, April 1, 2016.


The following information should be typed in one document (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) and attached to this submission form.

  1. Significant involvement (25 years or more) with business publications. Nominees need not currently hold editorial positions, and may be retired, but ideally will have spent the bulk of their careers in senior editorial positions or serving the industry in some significant way. Nominees need not be members of ASBPE. Past nominees not selected in previous years are encouraged to reapply.Please provide the nominee’s current title and employer/business (if retired, please state such). Attach a brief description or résumé of the nominee’s job history. Include dates, job titles, magazines, companies.
  2. A commitment to editorial excellence. This may be demonstrated by general reputation of their publications(s); industry-related awards (e.g., ASBPE, Neal Awards, Folio:); internal company awards; other forms of recognition or other valid measures of editorial success. Please list.
  3. A commitment to the business/professional press. Nominees should be or should have been involved in lending their experience and time to benefit others in the business press. For example, this may be participation in local or national business press or related organizations; corporate or university teaching; mentoring programs; or significant research or publication of articles on business press issues. Please list.
  4. A commitment to the industry(ies) nominee ’s publication(s) serve. Examples might include committee work with trade or professional associations or standards groups; frequent speaking engagements at industry events; significant research or publication of articles on industry issues; or significant advocacy work with government agencies. Please list.
  5. Please provide any additional information that you believe would be helpful to the judges.

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