Raising the Barr (Award)

By Roy HarrisASBPE Foundation President When jurors for this year’s Stephen Barr Award selected American Farriers Journal editor Frank Lessiter — for his remarkable series on equine abuse, a shameful but little-known part of competitions among “gaited horses” … read more

Chicago Produces Top-Notch Member Programs

By Roy HarrisASPBE Past President Several ASBPE chapters are known for their powerful program planning. But it would be hard to top the work done by the Chicago chapter in designing this month’s half-day workshop titled “B2B Survival … read more

Azbees Are a Different Kind of Prize

By Roy HarrisPast President ASBPE National Awards: Don’t win ’em, and you drive your management crazy. Win ’em—or, heaven forbid, win too many! —and you open yourself to charges that you’re somehow in bed with the prize-judging system. … read more

A Pulitzer’s Gold Chronicle

By Roy Harris Past National President Senior Editor, CFO A Pulitzer’s Gold Chronicle: Writing a Book? Be Prepared, like Dr. Frankenstein, to Deal with a Creation with a Life of Its Own.Admit it, we’ve all thought about it: … read more