A Challenge to Art Directors

By Paul Heney I’m not a creative type, but sometimes I wish that I was. I love that “Aha!” moment when my art director first lays out his or her ideas for a cover concept or a feature … read more

Words Are Important

By Paul Heney As this election season drags on, I’m hoping for a politician who will rediscover the power of words. Over the past few decades, there has been an increasing resentment towards intellectual thought and speech in … read more

Sneak Peek at a Critique

By Paul HeneyPast ASBPE National President When I served as ASBPE’s national president back in the early part of the decade, some the most common calls I’d receive would be right after the annual awards competition. Editors and … read more

How’s Your Design Looking These Days?

By Paul HeneyASBPE Cleveland Chapter Treasurer As I recently posted on the ASBPE Cleveland blog, it’s critical that b2b editors don’t lose sight of how important design is to our magazines. It’s an easy thing to forget in … read more