The challenge of data-driven publishing

The recent $50 million funding of BuzzFeed has shone a spotlight on the new wave of publishing, which is sometimes hard to distinguish from content marketing. Here’s a pretty good summation from The Telegraph: “compellingly clickable headlines combined with … read more

Where do journalistic ethics come from?

Today’s Salon has an important article on the role of journalists. Patrick L. Smith, an experienced big league newspaper reporter, starts with a critique of former NY Times exec Jill Abramson’s recent talk at a conference. What caught my eye … read more

The Passing Of A Publishing Giant

By Mark Schlack On March 19, 2014, Pat McGovern died after a long and storied 50+ year career in publishing. He was the founder and owner of International Data Group, one of the prime movers in the technology … read more

Are Your Sources Ethical?

By Mark Schlack At ASBPE, we are very active in promoting ethics in publishing. The 800-lb gorilla in that discussion is the relationship between editorial and advertising. However, there are some 400-lb gorillas in the same room and … read more