4 social media musts for B2B journalists

By Emily Manke, JournalismDegree.com As everyone who’s reading this probably already knows, social media is changing the face of business, and business-to-business journalism is no exception. According to a 2011 survey by Arketi Group, 92% of B2B journalists … read more

Success: Social Media Networking

By Tonie Auer Everyone keeps talking about social media and how we’ve all just got to be a part of it. I’m not sure who the “everyone” is really, but I’ll fill you in: they’re right. For one … read more

Do-It-Yourself Roundtable, Part 1

Earlier this summer, the Chicago chapter of the ASBPE held its first Do-It-Yourself Roundtable discussion. Why a do-it-yourself? Because we realize that more heads are better than one, and what better way to learn than from your fellow … read more

Create a LinkedIn Group

by Erin Erickson, Chicago Chapter Vice President;Creator of Me Media: Social Media for Non-Techies This post is adapted from Me Media: Social Media for Non-Techies Create a LinkedIn Group If you are part of an association or group … read more

The Value of Working as an HPT

By Nikki GoldenVice President, ASBPE Chicago Chapter As I read about CIO’s recent controversial move with LinkedIn, what struck me most was not that any ethical guidelines might have been crossed but that the editorial staff had no … read more

Are you LinkedIn?

Erin Erickson,Chicago Chapter Board member Your spouse may be doing it; the guy in the next cubicle probably is; even your high school English teacher has probably dabbled in it. It’s LinkedIn and it’s the “professional version MySpace,” … read more